About Us

Meet Mahsa, one of London's leading dental surgeons.

I am a dental surgeon in London (GDC Nr 83036) . My journey started back in my teens and I hope my journey can help others to a healthier body and oral care.

When graduating as a dentist in Sweden at the age of 23, I soon realized that diet is not enough, I also needed to change my oral bacteria flora to be able to reduce inflammation.
Poor diet and poor oral hygiene are linked to each other and can cause the harmful bacteria to take over. The main symptom is bad breath which I see on a daily basis in my clinics and was something I want to help tackle with my range of products.

I started to lean towards holistic dentistry and at the age of 25 I set up the first mercury free clinic in London and holistic approach towards my patients. I believed reducing inflammation in the mouth can eventually lead to a healthier gut that can in turn reduce the overall inflammation in the body.

It’s taken me over 15 years and many hours spent in my kitchen doing home remedies that I tried myself and on patients who were willing to try my remedy because nothing else was working for them. I had amazing feedback and the happiness I saw on my patients was the motivation and the force to make me continue this holistic journey.

I had patients traveling to me from all over the world for their gum disease and the holistic approach I had which also included full diet diary, acupuncture and change of lifestyle.

I didn't want to be the usual dentist, I wanted to make change, change of the mindset of my patients and I wanted to help patients to overcome their fear of dentistry and to ultimately treat them to a better pain free life where they could enjoy socializing without being embarrassed of smiling or bad oral odor. But most of all I wanted my patients to be able to carry out home routine to maintain their healthy mouth at the comfort of their home.

I noticed over time that my patients had change their mindset, they knew how important oral health is and they were willing to do anything because they could see an improvement of their general health.

However, as I was developing and learning and wanting to help, I realised that what really worked was not available on the market. I had for over 15 years done home remedies with spices and herbs at home and knew it was working as it had helped me, my family members and my patients but I could not advice them were to get these products.

So I decided to develop my own products, to make it available for everyone so patients could have access all over the world and I would be there for them to take them through this journey of reducing the bad bacteria in regards to their oral hygiene. The development of my products are for every- one. There truly is a product for everyone in the range.

My products are all based on herbs and spices and I have put them together in a formulation that I have worked on for over 15 years. The aim is to reduce the inflammation of the gums and get the gums and mouth back in a good health and help millions of people to a fresher breath, cleaner, whiter teeth and reduced inflammation of the body.